The Night My Boyfriend Turned Nasty

25 Jan

I am 25, female, university educated, white British, 5’5″, 11ish stone and newly single as of 6am Sunday.

This weekend, following an increasingly difficult six-month relationship, the man I loved became a threat to my household, my emotional well-being, my working life and my personal safety.

I am making this public to make it real, because I am scared almost as much as I was when he looked at me with hate, locked me in my room, pushed me around, told me I was a “nasty little cunt”, when the police arrive for the third time that night. I am afraid that I will cave and try to pretend it didn’t happen.


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Blue Stockings!

18 Jan

Blue Stockings, Brains and Bad Behaviour
Cabaret artist Tricity Vogue, co-founder of Night of The Blue Stockings, explores her gathering’s historical origins
Published in the Erotic Review, Stockings Issue, Autumn 2010

The Blue Stockings Society, an eighteenth century club for clever ladies and their gentlemen friends, was ‘the first public female club ever known’, according to man of letters Horace Walpole.  Two high society ladies started it up together – gregarious coal heiress Elizabeth Montagu, the richest woman in England, and her charming and vivacious friend Elizabeth Vesey.  Montagu was nicknamed Fidget as a child for her boundless energy, while her co-hostess Vesey won the pet name Sylph for her girlish figure and flirtatiousness.

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The Nice Ma’am Cometh

5 Jan

We here at Bad Feminist UK have enjoyed some rather nice invitations from rather nice people; from the wonderful women of the Feminism in London conference, from drag kings wanting their books reviewed by us, from Parliament.

But none so nice as an invitation to attend a Sensual Spanking Salon in the prettiest sex shop in London, to meet internationally adored bondage and sexuality expert Midori and her alliteratively alluring spanking models Dangerous Dolly and Lady Lorelei. It would have been churlish (and indeed, highly unlikely) of us to refuse….

Midori, being all sultry like

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Is Burlesque Dead? Or Just Boring? Kitty Stryker investigates….

3 Jan

Fatale Attraction- Is Burlesque Dead, or just Boring?

Nipple tassels making a kaleidoscope of colors and sparkles on a dressing table. Fishnet stockings flung over a chair back. Big fake eyelashes in little white boxes neatly stacked. Shiny high heels scattered about the floor.

It could just as easily be the backstage of a drag show, but no, I want to talk about burlesque for a bit. I doubt anyone isn’t aware of the trend that has, quite possibly, jumped the shark as a mainstream interest, having run the gamut from queer genderplay and comedy to exercise for bored housewives. Burlesque started out as something that turned social norms upside down and inside out, with satire of popular operas and well-known artistic works being the backbone of the performances. Bawdy humor and skirting just on the edge of what the censors would let you get away with was the order of the day.

Diva Hollywood in 'The Evolution of Woman'

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20 Dec

A fabulous website…

And the TEDtalk that introduces the witty, compassionate and articulate woman behind it


Feminine Finance Strategy

20 Dec

The politics of rape

20 Dec

Incisive piece from Spilt Milk on Julian Assange and the rape charges.