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“An Increasingly Brief History of the Muff” April 20th…..

11 Apr

For an irreverent and fascinating night out you could do worse than swinging by to ArtWank this April 20th to watch some rare old smut and enjoy this month’s guest lecture “An Increasingly Brief History of the Muff”

Based around vintage pornography, great music, mini-lectures from contemporary sex-workers and writers and retro-tastic cabaret performance, ArtWank has had tasty reviews and great attendance since it’s launch in London in February…

“Artwank! packages a foolproof concept in a relaxed and absorbing atmosphere, offering a truly unique experience in cabaret entertainment. Kudos to the immoral genius that put this wild ride together – she may have found her true calling, the filthy tramp. Guarantee your fix of over-the-top smut by booking early, because the Horse Hospital’s 70-seat capacity won’t last long when Ophelia’s bits hit the silver screen again next month.” The Erotic Review


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