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Casting- Women Boxing Documentary

24 Mar

Female Boxing Documentary



•  Are you a professional or amateur female boxer?

•  Do you coach female boxers?

•  Do you want to have your say on the decision to include Women’s Boxing in the   2012 Olympics?

•  Do you have a story to tell from the ring or the gym?


MAYHEM tmc Limited, a London-based theatre company, is seeking contributors for a short documentary on female boxing  that we are producing with independent film-maker Alice Holland Ballard as part of our current project BIG BRITAIN: Boxing.


The project aims to reflect the lives and stories of those people who know that boxing matters. We’d like to document the importance of the sport – and the clubs it takes place in – in light of the 2012 Olympics.


Shooting is scheduled throughout March and April in London.


Please contact for details.



For further information on our project BIG BRITAIN: Boxing, please contact / 07585 701174



Women and Religion 4Thought

8 Mar

To mark the centenary of International Women’s Day 4thought produced a series of interview on wether religion offers modern women a way forward. Join the debate, and keep your eyes peeled for BFUK’s very own Ophelia Bitz….


Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar

Strut extra proud today you fantastic people! The world is our oyster.


Loads of love and kisses,


Bad Feminist UK xxx