Fancy a fondle?

18 Oct

Artfondle is a boots-and-bloomers peepshow; an erotic intellectual spectacular;an examination of sexuality and art, with prizes and mass debate.

Hosted by internationally reviled potty-mouthed pinup Ophelia Bitz, ArtFondle is a well-dressed excuse to watch vintage skin flicks, a space to debate art, sex and aesthetic, the crucible of a new generation of sexual sophisticates and political perverts. This month’s theme is Sex and Cruelty, with screenings from:

Venus In Furs (1969)- a perverse thriller set in Istanbul amongst the shady world of upper-class sex parties. An erotic-surreal-horror set in a film noir framing.

Jean Genet’s ‘Un Chant D’Amour’- Genet’s only film, a short silent set in prison, charged with desire, shame, voyeurism and beautiful homoerotic imagery. A classic jewel.

They will also be showing clips from nunspolitation silents from the early 1900s, 1940s spanking porn and we will have a guest speaker in the lovely form of Emily Dubberley- the founder of Scarlet magazine, editor of Erotic Knave and all-round well-respected sex-writer. Emily will be speaking on the ethics of pornography.

Tickets are available from Ticketweb Come on down and get your hands mucky!


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