Not just a pretty pink ribbon

14 Oct

While the Pink Ribbon campaign is great for raising money for cancer charities, some critics have claimed it trivialises the cause. As far as we’re concerned, anyone helping raise money and awareness for cancer charities is good (and no, that doesn’t include people changing their Facebook status to something titillating which does no good at all) Hell, one of the Bad Feminist founders created Burlesque Against Breast Cancer and co-edited Ultimate Burlesque and Ultimate Decadence – erotica anthologies that raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support – so we’re in no position to suggest frivolous ways of raising money for cancer charities are a bad thing. However, if you like your campaigning with a bit more grit, The Scar Project shows a much more real side to breast cancer – mastectomy scars and all. The site explains, “The SCAR Project is an exercise in awareness, hope, reflection and healing. The mission is three-fold: Raise public consciousness of early-onset breast cancer, raise funds for breast cancer research/outreach programs and help young survivors see their scars, faces, figures and experiences through a new, honest and ultimately empowering lens.”

Donate to Macmillan here


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