A Rose By Any Other Name

23 Sep

Great post about misinterpretation of the prefix Ms on Where the Bright Women Are


One Response to “A Rose By Any Other Name”

  1. Kate September 24, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    I usually opt for “Ms” but recently when ordering online and given the only option of Miss, Mrs, Dr, or Lady, I chose the latter as a matter of principle. It was the most accurate and inoffensive after all. This backfired somewhat when the snooty manager of the local branch of the store decided to deliver it personally to greet their gentile customer, and upon arriving at my modest terraced house asked outright if I was actually a titled aristocrat! After explaining that whilst disclosing my gender did not concern me, being labelled by my marital status did, she left with her turned-up nose a peg or too closer to the ground.

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