Call For Contributors and Interviewees

16 Sep

We’re seeking guest writers in the shape of inspired, fiesty, creative, eloquent and/or angry brains to contribute articles for publication.

Our umbrella covers art, science, news, literature, inspirational people, politics, religion, food (but never diets) and anything else you’d care to hit us with.

Perhaps you’d like to talk about your experiences as a feminist/bad feminist?

Do you have a career or interest that other feminists have criticized you for?

Is discussing gender politics a waste of time? Do you even care?

Do you have a bee on your bonnet (nice bonnet by the way) about the laws surrounding sexual assault?

Any research about female sexuality making you sit upright and think?

Do you have a banging recipe you want to boast about?

Are you living in an alternative housing situation? Kibbutz, co-operative, artist’s commune, women’s refuge?

Are you an artist who’s work references femininity/sexuality/politics?

Do you work with or stay awake at night thinking about environmental/humanitarian organizations?

Want us to show and review your artwork?

Would you like to be interviewed by the Bad Feminist Editorial team about your work and experiences?

Any and all submissions are welcome. have a read of the blog and let us know what you think. If you can’t be arsed to write yourself but think there is something we should be covering the LET US KNOW!

Please spread the good word of Bad Feminist UK đŸ™‚

Looking forward to hearing from you


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