“An Increasingly Brief History of the Muff” April 20th…..

11 Apr

For an irreverent and fascinating night out you could do worse than swinging by to ArtWank this April 20th to watch some rare old smut and enjoy this month’s guest lecture “An Increasingly Brief History of the Muff”

Based around vintage pornography, great music, mini-lectures from contemporary sex-workers and writers and retro-tastic cabaret performance, ArtWank has had tasty reviews and great attendance since it’s launch in London in February…

“Artwank! packages a foolproof concept in a relaxed and absorbing atmosphere, offering a truly unique experience in cabaret entertainment. Kudos to the immoral genius that put this wild ride together – she may have found her true calling, the filthy tramp. Guarantee your fix of over-the-top smut by booking early, because the Horse Hospital’s 70-seat capacity won’t last long when Ophelia’s bits hit the silver screen again next month.” The Erotic Review


Get your tickets from http://www.artwank.co.uk







Casting- Women Boxing Documentary

24 Mar

Female Boxing Documentary



•  Are you a professional or amateur female boxer?

•  Do you coach female boxers?

•  Do you want to have your say on the decision to include Women’s Boxing in the   2012 Olympics?

•  Do you have a story to tell from the ring or the gym?


MAYHEM tmc Limited, a London-based theatre company, is seeking contributors for a short documentary on female boxing  that we are producing with independent film-maker Alice Holland Ballard as part of our current project BIG BRITAIN: Boxing.


The project aims to reflect the lives and stories of those people who know that boxing matters. We’d like to document the importance of the sport – and the clubs it takes place in – in light of the 2012 Olympics.


Shooting is scheduled throughout March and April in London.


Please contact alice@themayhemcompany.net for details.



For further information on our project BIG BRITAIN: Boxing, please contact

sarah@themayhemcompany.net / 07585 701174


Women and Religion 4Thought

8 Mar

To mark the centenary of International Women’s Day 4thought produced a series of interview on wether religion offers modern women a way forward. Join the debate, and keep your eyes peeled for BFUK’s very own Ophelia Bitz….



Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar

Strut extra proud today you fantastic people! The world is our oyster.


Loads of love and kisses,


Bad Feminist UK xxx


Interview with Sarah Maple

20 Feb

Notorious young artist Sarah Maple has been making waves with her confrontational work since her graduation in 2007, immediately picking up attention and collaborations with Charles Saatchi, Dolce and Gabbanna and Dazed and Confused.

Her paintings, photography, performance and mixed media sculptures frequently reference and seek to stir debate around the issues of femininity, feminism, the Muslim female identity and sexuality. We dropped Sarah a line to find out more about the notions behind her controversial images….


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Are You Feminist Enough?

15 Feb

Interesting piece about feminism and context over at The F Word.

Bad Feminist Archived by the British Library!

13 Feb

We are delighted to announce that our coverage of the Hackney sex-workers protests has been archived by the British Library and will be available online at http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/ forever and ever amen!

Thank you BL for including us! If you have a website or an article that you would like to lisence to the archive drop them a line; it’s super easy to submit your work and it’s a great way to contribute to future research.